Important Questions to Ask When Buying Productivity Software

Software programmes are very expensive and it is important to evaluate carefully what need before start the process of buying. There are a number of helpful questions that you should ask vendors when buying these programmes. This article is meant to highlight and explain some questions that you should ask vendors when buying the software programmes

  1. How is the software priced?

The cost of buying the decided by various factors. Factors like per seat or per concurrent user must be determined. Per seat entails how many seats or places that will be using the software at your place of work. per concurrent determines the numberof workers to use the software at anyone particular time. Another importantdeterminant is per processor. This means the number of machines that theprogramme operates on.

  • What support services are included in the purchase?

Most of the agency project management  software for  is very expensive and must include some support software when purchasing them. The support programmes are like customization features and training sessions on how to use the software. Ensure that these programs are installed before aking the purchase. The programs support the installation and implementation of the software so that your Return some ( ROI) is accelerated.

  • Am guaranteed of satisfaction?

It is important to ask this question so that you assess the ease with which you will return the software if it fails you or does not provide what you expected. It will be a big mistake if you buy a programme that does not give you the satisfaction that you anticipated. Before signing the agreement to buy, this must be very clear. You need to inquire about how many days it will take before receiving a refundor a different programme.

  • Turn Around Time

You need to inquirethe amountof time the software company will take before fixing your softwareissues. Some do it on daily basis or monthly. It is important to have thisquestion clearly answered because it will affect the productivity of workers.

  • Is the software scalable

Scalability entails how expandable the programme is. A scalable programme will accommodate future business needs. it is important to purchase a scalable software programme especially when you are doing huge investment.

  • Does the software have an update programme?

Programmes that have an update feature are important because customers are informed when the service is not there may be due to upgrading. This assists the customer to make important decisions by doing some adjustment to their programmes. It is important to ensure that you have this feature when purchasing an expensive software.

  • Is the software customizable?

The ability of the software to be customized to meet your business need is some important consideration before buying the software programme.